Active Travel Bonus

Bonus for choosing active travel for 5 days in a row

Log an active travel activity for 5 days in a row to earn a 500 BetterPoints bonus for the week.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has created a Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) to improve air quality in the Greenwich and Peninsula wards.

Click here or on the image below to see a map of the LEN


  • Valid from 05 Jan 2018 to 20 Sep 2018

  • This reward is only valid for activities of type: Walk, Cycle, Run.

  • This reward is applied when the reward Active Travel has been earned 5 times in the Same Calendar Week.

  • Multiple activities on the same day will not count towards this reward. Only one per day.

  • You can receive this reward at most once within the Same Calendar Week.

  • Part of your activity must be in one of the following locations:
    • Low Emission Neighbourhood