We are an award-winning behaviour change technology company

BetterPoints is an award winning behaviour change technology company with strong societal, technological and commercial achievements

BetterPoints was founded in late 2010 by a small team of social entrepreneurs and investors who anticipated dramatic pressures being increasingly placed upon society in the uk – and around the world – by economic conditions, changing demographics and culture.

This team – with a combined expertise in technology and behaviour change – had a vision of a highly scalable, evidenced, data-led, licensable reward platform for motivating and rewarding people to manage their health better, travel more responsibly, live more sustainably and contribute to the wellbeing of their communities.

They wanted people to be healthier, safer, happier and live longer. health care, social care, environment and government infrastructure would benefit from a reduction in demand and costs, supported by evidenced outcome data.

To do this, we built our Behaviour Change Management System (BCMS).

CIVITAS 'Bold Measure' Award, 2017

SRM, the transport authority in Bologna, Italy won this award for their partnership with BetterPoints to reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys in the city. 15,000 people took part. They made 350,000 journeys on foot and 290,000 cycle journeys. They mitigated an estimated 728 tonnes of CO2 emissions and burned 79 million calories.

More about the CIVITAS award

Healthy Streets Award for 'Modal Shift', 2017

We worked with Reading Borough Council on their BikeSmart Reading programme to encourage cycling. More than 600 people actively took part and made 30,000 cycle journeys. Together, they cycled 331,762 miles, equivalent to 13 times round the planet!

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Pride of Reading 'Business Environment Award', 2017

Another gong for BikeSmart Reading!

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Experts in behaviour change technology since 2010

BetterPoints BCMS comprises a customisable app, administration system and an application programming interface (API).

We combine this with proprietary behavioural change and incentive management approaches to deliver evidenced, data-led, locally branded, incentivised behavioural change programmes in the complementary areas of public health and sustainable travel.

Since 2010, we have worked with healthcare bodies, transport companies and private enterprises to bring about effective, positive behaviour change.

Meet the team

Dan Gipple,

Chris Bristow,
Chief Operating Officer

Hannah Bowden,
Director of Programmes

Brendan O'Flaherty,
Business Development Director

Joe Oldak,
Head of Engineering

Anne Lancaster,
Product Manager

Kristine Bloor,
Programme Account Manager

Hannah Stephens,
Programme Account Manager

Lobelia Lawson,
Lead Local Programme Implementation Director

Kerri French,
Programme Engagement Manager

Danny Norman,
Programme Engagement Manager

Uzma Mukhtar,
Customer Care and Incentives

Sylvia Zagros,
Customer Care

Michael Grimes,
B2B Marketing Manager

Rachel Maile,
Marketing Officer: Development and Research

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to your team.

What started out as "Oh well, let's see if I can earn the odd voucher" has genuinely changed my habits!
Liz, Birmingham

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