BetterPoints rewards for Greenwich residents

Kerri French - 21 September 2018

Exciting news from Friday 21st September we are setting up more rewards in a wider area to encourage users to leave cars at home and actively commute, to increase their physical activity and improve the air quality in the area.

A wider reward zone...

We have extended the geographical boundaries of the programme so that residents across the whole of Greenwich can join in to earn points for walking, cycling and running.  You will earn 2 BetterPoints per minute in Lewisham and Greenwich. 
New rewards zone to include Lewisham

Want to earn enhanced rewards?

We will continue to offer enhanced rewards for active travel in the Low Emission Neighbourhood with a higher rate than elsewhere in the Borough to improve air quality in this area. So, you will earn an extra 3 BetterPoints per minute within the LEN (that's 5 BetterPoints in total, per minute, within the LEN.)

Greenwich Low Emission Neighbourhood

Want to earn more rewards as a Team?

Team earning will be introduced very soon to encourage people to join up and participate with their friends and family to get bonus rewards. Plus, from 22nd September take part in our "treasure hunt" style history trail until 21st October. The history trail takes in particular historical sites rewarding people for walking between them all.  We have some great prizes to giveaway. 

Historic Greenwich Market

How can you get involved?

Choose active transport by walking, cycling or running in Greenwich and Lewisham areas and track your activities with the BetterPoints app.

You can also share your activities on social media to promote active transport and healthy living to your friends and other residents in the borough.