BetterPoints rewards for Greenwich residents

Kerri French - 21 September 2018

A scheme encouraging people to switch from cars to walking and cycling to help tackle local air pollution launched in 2017 for the west Greenwich LEN project area.

The Greenwich LEN (Low Emission Neighbourhood) is one of five areas funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund to improve air quality in London. Road transport is one of the main sources of air pollution in London.

Representatives from Charlton Athletic Community Trust will be working with residents and employees in the LEN on behalf of the Council, to support them through Personalised Travel Planning to use their cars less, and walk and cycle more.

Deputy Leader at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Councillor Danny Thorpe, met local residents living in the LEN, to talk to them about the new project, and to show them how they can use the BetterPoints smartphone app to track their walking and cycling in the Greenwich Low Emission Neighbourhood. The app lets people earn points they can cash in for vouchers for high-street shops or donate to charity.

A wider reward zone...

We have extended the geographical boundaries of the programme so that residents across the whole of Greenwich can join in to earn points for walking, cycling and running.  You will earn 2 BetterPoints per minute in Lewisham and Greenwich. These rewards end on 31st December 2018
New rewards zone to include Lewisham

Want to earn enhanced rewards?

We will continue to offer enhanced rewards for active travel in the Low Emission Neighbourhood with a higher rate than elsewhere in the Borough to improve air quality in this area. So, you will earn an extra 3 BetterPoints per minute within the LEN (that's 5 BetterPoints in total, per minute, within the LEN.)

Greenwich Low Emission Neighbourhood

How can you get involved?

Choose active transport by walking, cycling or running in Greenwich and Lewisham areas and track your activities with the BetterPoints app.

You can also share your activities on social media to promote active transport and healthy living to your friends and other residents in the borough.

Watch a short video here to get you started or follow these instructions:

1. Download the free BetterPoints app from the App Store or the Google Play Store on your phone.
2. Tap “Sign up” in the app, and fill out the form.
3. Go to the menu and add referral code "GREENWICHLEN" to join the Greenwich programme. 
4. Tap the Play ▶ button in the top right corner of the app. 
5. Track your activity via Automatic (always on) or Manual Tracking (when you want to track a specific activity.)
6. Start earning BetterPoints!

People living in the LEN - entering a LEN postcode upon sign-up - will be automatically added to the programme. If your home postcode is outside the LEN, add the "GreenwichLEN" referral code upon sign-up to enter the programme.

Click here to download the BetterPoints Android app or here to download the BetterPoints iOS app.