Healthy food and exercise helps to make your children happy and healthy

05 December 2016

Simple changes to everyday habits can help children stay healthy. According to a recent Cancer Research UK study, teenagers drink enough sugar every year to fill a bathtub with fizzy cola! A child nutritionist in Hounslow works with families to help to change this.

Arriane Eva Morrin launched Foundation Nutrition Trust three years ago after she saw many local families could not afford to attend her paid health and fitness classes but they clearly needed such a service.

The foundation launched “Transform Kids” a project that aims to educate families about health and fitness through exercise and healthy nutrition from the age of six.

Foundation Nutrition Trust’s activities are run by a team of volunteers, such as a martial arts and a dance instructor, and a basketball coach.  

Arriane Eva Morrin is a child obesity prevention and intervention specialist. She says the programme is not only about what they can change in their lifestyles but also explores why it is important to do so. That’s what makes Transform Kids an educational and transformational journey.

She also explained that apps like BetterPoints can help families keep physically active outside regular class hours (a walk to a local park can also earn them extra points) and help to make exercise part of everyday life.

Children learn fast and understand why healthy eating is important but parents are in control of the choices around what children have for dinner. Arriane Eva says that eating dinner together is slowly ceasing to serve as a social event for families. People tend to keep looking at mobile screens or television at the dinner table rather than talking which can also lead to overeating.

“Children and parents tend to overeat because they are not mindful of what they’re putting in their mouth,” she added.

The founder of Foundation Nutrition Trust lives in Brentford, Hounslow. “Brentford has a nice community feel, people greet each other on the high street. It’s in London but still has a nice community feel to it,” she says.

Arriane Eva is launching a new family programme “AEM Transformkids” in January aimed at families from the neighbourhood: “My mission is to have happier and healthier children in our community. You are what you eat, by exercising and eating healthy food you get happy children, and that’s the best thing.”  


For more information on the January programme please contact Arriane Eva Morrin at

Photo: Arriane Eva Morrin (to the right) and the team of Foundation Nutrition Trust Volunteers. Foundation Nutrition Trust Facebook