How to fundraise with BetterPoints

How does it work?

People who earn BetterPoints for doing good things for themselves and their communities. They can use these to redeem on gift vouchers, or donate these to charity - with no set minimum. We encourage charities and organisations to be listed so that people can donate their BetterPoints to them. We pay £1 for every 1,000 BetterPoints raised and also pass along gift aid details so if you're a UK charity, gift aid can be applied for. 

How to register

Download the BetterPoints app and register as a user of BetterPoints. Then when you are logged in, send a message to us in the help section or email This will come to BetterPoints and we will endeavour to approve your application within 5 working days. Once we have approved your application you receive a confirmation email and will be able to log into the Partner Admin website. You can add information to your page from here, including let people know what you will spend the money on. You can then see in your Partner Admin area your Partner Balance. 

How people can donate their points to you

Once your organisation is approved, it will appear in the full listings on the app.

How to redeem the points for charity

Once an account has reached 20,000 BetterPoints or more, we will contact you to arrange a bank transfer of the money.