How do you have a sustained Physical & Mental Health Wellbeing programme in place that will make a fundamental difference to your local community?

Wellness and Wellbeing (physical & mental) are critical to the success of any organisation, both for its own staff and the community it serves.

BetterPoints is an eight-year-old, multiple award-winning Human behavioral change solutions provider. Our proven solutions enable local authorities to motivate both the young and old promoting a healthier lifestyle whilst increasing their physical activity resulting in the reduction of health inequalities and the improvement of healthy life expectancy.    

Our credibility is unquestioned and we have had the pleasure to work alongside Birmingham, Salford, Sheffield & York City Councils, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, Essex & Bedfordshire County Councils, and the London Boroughs of Hackney, Hounslow, Greenwich, Kingston & Camden.

Some of the innovative solutions we can bring to organisations like yours:

Increased numbers of physically active people in your community

Ability to encourage and motivate a healthier lifestyle for all, linking to Mind & Body fitness
“80% of a cohort of non-active people in Birmingham were walking 150 minutes a week within 4 months”

Reduced community reliance on car journeys

Proven success in getting people to use more sustainable forms of transport.
“65% of BetterPoints programme participants in Reading said it encouraged them to cycle”

Cleaner air quality with tonnes fewer CO2 emissions

Reduction of C02 emissions and congestion at no cost. 20 tonnes saved by 3,500 people in Birmingham, UK; 750 tonnes saved by 15,000 people in Bologna, Italy.
"Critical public health issue of our time"

Stronger community links

Develop your CSR involvement with local charities and volunteer groups.
"£000’s donated to charity through BetterPoints every year"

Better employee physical and mental health

Ability to encourage and motivate a healthier employee lifestyle linking to Mind & Body fitness.
"Proven and award-winning 

Better employee HR data

Use our innovative single-source data platform to get invaluable employee activity and absenteeism data.
“Real-time information to help with future decisions”

Less employee parking stress & congestion 

Staff reliance on car-parking space reduced by up to 20%.
"Annual cost saving of £000’s per employee"

Attractive recruitment

Great way to attract and increase recruitment interest.
"Built for public and private sector staff”

Scalable from small groups to whole populations

Work intensely with small cohorts of individuals or incentivize county-wide behavior changes.
“Incentives that resonate with individuals”

Minimum investment

No setup or maintenance costs – 100% of all costs are recoverable within 6 months.
"Win-win scenario”

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