3 Harris Arcade

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Reworked for Oxfam

'Reworked for Oxfam' sustainable recycled clothing, completely unique and entirely affordable! 'Reworked for Oxfam' is a new kind of Oxfam shop, selling unusual and unique garments for all occasions. We have a vast range of retro and vintage garments professionally repaired and restored by our team, as well as designer garments and accessories; our items have included Gucci Shoes, a Radley handbag and a Frost French dress. We also sell our 'Reworked' items; donated garments and accessories given a new lease of life by our dedicated team of volunteers. Our 'Reworked' clothing and accessories have included handmade jewellery, restyled bridal wear, dresses made from curtains & table cloths, corsets made from picnic blankets, skirts made from scarves, and handbags made from ties. Our garments often feature wonderful embellishments; handmade organza flowers, beading, stencilling, patchworking and illustrations, and each one is completely individual. Each of our reworked items features the name and contact information of the local designer who lovingly redesigned it. Our eclectic mix of reworkers bring different ideas, styles and skills to the shop, varying in age, style, and experience. Each has something new and exciting to offer: seamstresses, textile / design teachers, art, design and fashion students, graduates, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike.