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The Hope Centre
350 Basingstoke Road

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SPARK Educare Learning Centre

The SPARK EduCare Learning Centre (SPARK Centre) is a community learning resource centre registered as a non-profit making organisation, that offers a calm and quiet atmosphere for 5 to 19 year olds and adults. The centre is setup to work with schools and private individuals, providing the community with temporary educational services. We offer each child a cost-effective personalised tutoring for ALL CORE Curriculum subjects, supervised homework and revision programmes for �Gifted and Talented�, SATs, GCSEs, ESOL, ICT, and SEN support packages using a high level modern technology � a state of the art computers and software, proven to improve exam grades. The centre will by day, support pupils who are struggling with mainstream education and in that context will be supporting local schools with this vital social issue, particularly focusing on the excluded pupils, offering them one to one tuition. At all other times the centre will become a community learning resource for every area of learning providing one-on-one tutoring to support and challenge the "Gifted and Talented" for 5-19 year olds.